Centro de Relajación Yantra Armonía para el Ser.

1st workshop “Meditation in your life”

This was the first workshop of our Meditation program, “Meditation in your life” on February 23, 2019.

In our meditation program you will learn to meditate and find your life purpose in the coral year of spiritual sweetness and harmony.

Meditation in your Life is a plan designed by Namaste Calle (spiritual teacher) where you will learn more about Meditation on a daily basis, so that you come to meditate with the different options created for the development of your experiences in a more positive way.

a) MED = MEDICINE = MEDERI (Latin) (Heal, heal, improve, alleviate, study, analyze, diagnose, treat and solve)
b) In Western culture the word MEDITATION (Latin) MEDITATĬO = Mental exercise.
c) MEDI = Taking actions, doing.
d) MEDITA = Action performed at the moment.
e) MEDITATION- ACTION = Take decisions and actions to generate an elevation of energy, wisdom and knowledge of your divine cosmic essence through states of conscious relaxation, making use of tools to reach the path of your inner peace .

We appreciate the presence of all those attending the 1st workshop of the Meditation Program “Meditation in your Life” and especially Namaste Calle for his knowledge, love and dedication. It was a magical and enriching experience! All the people went home with many wishes to start applying meditation in their life, very happy with their gift, the spiritual kit.

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