Centro de Relajación Yantra Armonía para el Ser.

About Us

We are a Center for relaxation and well-being, focused on restoring physical, mental and emotional health through ancestral therapies and workshops for the soul that provide a comprehensive wellness experience.

Our Mission is to achieve a total harmony of the Being and a balance of mind, body and spirit that helps people to find themselves and to live in a state of healing

We offer different harmonization therapies through the 4 elements, earth, water, fire and air, relaxation methods supported by nature and a healthy lifestyle. We use high quality products, natural essences, vegetable oils and natural cosmetics to provide the best experience.

We have individual and business plans, plan for couples, friends plan, family plans, among others.
Events of Wellbeing and Harmony. Business workshops for the development of the Being. We also have wellness and relaxation activities for children and adults such as relaxation classes, water yoga.

Our Team

Our work team is made up of professional, human persons, connected with the being and the necessary experience to offer an excellent service.

Giovanna Mejía *
Massage therapist & Cosmetology

Certified in Cosmetology and aesthetics, Massage therapist in

Carolina Restrepo *
Massage therapist & Cosmetology

Certified in Cosmetology and Integral Aesthetics, Functional Masotherapy.

Astrit Catalina Tolosa *
Cosmetologist & Masotherapist

Master Reiki, certified in Cosmetology and Integral Aesthetics

Maryory Rodríguez *

Teacher of the Yoga Inbound system, a pharmacist

Fabian Garcia Tapias *
Yoga & Massages

International master of yoga in the water, teacher

Our Experience

We have been providing experiences for the harmony and development of the being for more than 11 years, both at an individual and business level. We have worked with different companies that have opened the doors and have allowed us to touch the soul of each one of their employees, with our workshops and business welfare events. Companies such as: Cartón de Colombia, Health Secretary, Indisa, Telemedellín, El Mundo Newspaper, Swimming League, Cootrafa, Medellín City Hall, among others.

City Events

We have organized and participated in different local and regional events to awaken awareness, with the aim of sharing beautiful knowledge and providing experiences that transform and enrich our lives.