Centro de Relajación Yantra Armonía para el Ser.

How to Activate and Boost Your Female Energy

A workshop created from the heart for all those who wish to undertake or continue their learning process and thus learn to activate their feminine energy and put it at the service of themselves, their ancestors and the entire universe. This will be a space where we are all apprentices and teachers, where you can discover the healer that lives in you and become a medical woman.

A spiritually empowered woman is one who knows that the fastest way is to conquer herself, vibrating from love and not from fear.

You can be that woman. You are that woman!

You’ll learn:
– Why and why I chose to be a woman.
– Sorry dear, it’s a girl!
– They and they. Why do I always attract the same type of couples?
– Cute, independent, intelligent and alone. What happens?
– They are the saviors, they are the saved.
– The feminine as a spiritual path
– Spiritual meaning of menstruation
– Ritual of blessing of the uterus
– My sacred pitcher as a place of creation
– Mother healing. Thanks Mom.
– Healing of the female lineage. If I heal, heal my daughters and my daughters’ daughters.
– I activate my energy points and activate my life.
– With my feet on the ground and my mind in the sky (I take root)


Place: Yantra relaxation center.
34th Street No 65-70
Date: March 18, 2020
Time: 6:30 pm

Investment: $ 80,000
Registrations: 312 756 34 37

Business Master Coach with NLP
International Coaching Certification with NLP
NLP Practitioner
Mental reprogrammer
Diploma in Oratory of Excellence
Diploma in Family Constellations
Business administrator
Specialist in Social Services Management and Strategic Marketing
Author of the book “I love what I am, I love what I do”

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