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Self-care a plus for our Wellbeing

The rush of each day, the daily tasks, the family, the urgent matters, we have a quantity of things that occupy our day to day, every time we dedicate less time for ourselves, we do not find a moment for our care, we are always the last in our list of priorities, without thinking about how worrying and serious this is for our physical, mental and emotional health.

Self-care as its name says is everything we do to take care of ourselves and our well-being, such as exercising, giving yourself a warm bath, a daily beauty routine, a massage, doing yoga, meditating, etc. We must be aware of the importance of self-care, of taking time for ourselves, not only for others and for a lot of practices that occupe us, we need to include self-care spaces in our routine, let self-care is item # 1 in our agenda and not something optional, only when we open a space. We all need time for ourselves, it is necessary for a good health and yet it is what we postpone the most, we are more interested in pleasing and making others happy than making ourselves happy. We live overloaded, with a lot of tensions and worries, without time to rest and relax, time to forget everything and just think about us, to love and consent, to do what we like, to do things that make us feel good and give us calm and tranquility.

Self-care prevents diseases, immunizes you, protects your health, both physically and psychologically. The word Self-care is made up of two words: Auto that means “own” or “for oneself” and care of the Latin cogitâtus which means “thought”. Then self-care is thinking about ourselves and our well-being. Taking care of yourself is a permanent responsibility that has important repercussions on the health status and quality of life of people. When we put all our attention in fulfilling work objectives, we devote a lot of time to study, domestic tasks and others, our body begins to overload and we begin to manifest through symptoms that are common in people with high levels of stress such as: headaches, migraine, back aches, muscle aches, tingling, muscle spasms, weakness, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, gas, palpitations, feeling of drowning or not being able to breathe, all these symptoms can be aggravated if they are not solved in time and can turn into acute diseases, both physical and psychological, anxiety disorders, panic disorders, depression, among others. Usually when these types of pathologies arrive, when we get sick or when we find ourselves sick, it is when we think about adopting habits of self-care, that is when we think about taking care of ourselves and dedicating ourselves more time.

If we are aware of our mental, physical and emotional health we can start to take care of ourselves and do it constantly and continuously, know how to prioritize and organize our time well. Schedule your self-care activities every week and respect your time, value yourself and love yourself enough to spend time, if you have many tasks, learn to delegate or say no, you’re not being selfish, you’re thinking about yourself and your well-being, you’re giving yourself the place you deserve, leave aside the feelings of guilt and fill them with healthy and positive thoughts, include them in your emotional diet, self-care is also think beautiful, especially about ourselves, thoughts like: “I love and respect me “” I deserve time for me “” I think about my well-being and my health “.

Self-care promotes self-esteem and self-worth, there are many benefits it offers, not only prevent diseases, it is a plus for our well-being and our well-being should be the most important.

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