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Sonotherapy as an integral healing therapy

Since ancient times, sound has been an essential element for the balance of the human being and of being in society, used in rites and ceremonies to stimulate physical, mental and emotional balance. Many ancient cultures of the world, throughout time, have recognized sound as a tool of expression and transformation and vibration as the fundamental force of creation. Sonotherapy or Sound Therapy is a very old discipline that uses the voice and/or musical instruments to generate certain vibrations that have a beneficial effect on our body.

There are many studies that speak of the positive effects of music in humans, music has even been used in babies for all the benefits in brain development, in addition to all the many benefits while still in the mother’s womb. Music and sound reach us through the vibrations of waves that are found in everything, each cell, each organ, everything is made up of vibrations. The vibration of sound penetrates very deep into the energy fields of our body, harmonizing everything that does not vibrate in harmony. When you have a disease, the affected area is in a frequency that vibrates without harmony. Thus, if the correct sounds are applied, it could heal and return to its normal state. The vibrations allow us to restore and correct the correct resonance frequency, thus restoring health to our diseased parts.

Sonotherapy seeks to restore harmony and coherence at all levels of the Being. Instruments such as bowls, bells, tuning forks, drums, among others, are used, all tuned to very high frequencies that through their harmonics, deep states of relaxation are achieved. that facilitate the healing of emotional and physical pain, as well as depression and anxiety, among others. Sound is capable of effecting changes on a physical level and has had very good results in the treatment of tumors and cancers, diminishing the effects of chemotherapy and in some cases dramatically reducing the size of tumors.

There are sounds that help mental control at a subconscious level, to remove blockages or traumas that generate imbalance (physical, chemical, emotional). Some of the benefits of sound therapy are:

-Deep states of relaxation
-harmoning and balancing the cerebral hemispheres
-Cleansing and balance of the chakras and energy system
-Increased intuition and sensitivity towards subtle energies
-Relief pain and physical discomfort
-Relieves tension and hypertension (the main cause of minor illnesses)
-Calms and soothes emotions
-Improves mental clarity and concentration.
-Promotes serenity, peace and calm.
-Reduces stress and anxiety.

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