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Therapeutic massages and their multiple benefits

Stress, daily routine, continuous and repetitive movements and the different situations of our day to day cause discomfort, muscular tension, spasms, stiffness and muscle aches. Therapeutic massage facilitates the elimination of toxins, activating blood and lymphatic circulation and improving the oxygen supply to the tissues.

Therapeutic massages are incredibly beneficial to our health, since they act on almost all the systems of our body, both the muscular system, as the bone system, the nervous system, lymphatic system, the digestive and respiratory system benefit from the therapeutic massages . The health of our body depends on the health of our cells and they depend on a good blood flow and lymph. With the therapeutic massage we improve its functioning, bringing new nutrients and eliminating toxic substances. Through massage, the mechanical energy of the hands is transferred to the tissues of the body areas, the entire effect of kneading, rubbing, friction, percussion, rhythmic and repetitive movements generate a proper functioning of our organs, giving relief to all tension and getting the body to recover faster from the disease.

General benefits:

-Stimulates and restores the immune system.
-It relieves tension and improves muscle flexibility.
-Help to release all load and emotion of the body.
-It provides nutrients to the cells and improves the elasticity and quality of the skin.
-Improves self-esteem and reduces anxiety.
-General well-being and emotional balance. -Increases joint mobility and reduces inflammation.
-Reduce muscle fatigue, eliminate pain, spasms and contractures.
-Improves our cardiovascular system, lowers blood pressure and reduces tachycardias.
-It favors lymphatic drainage and increases white blood cells.
-Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, helping to relax and reduce stress.
-Optimizes the respiratory and digestive system, eliminating mucus, constipation, colic and gas.

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