Centro de Relajación Yantra Armonía para el Ser.

Sound Meditation!

This was our first sound meditation, by Andrés de Alarcón, on June 18, 2019.

The meditation of sound is a space of connection with high spheres of consciousness through sound, with the intention of deprogramming different mental patterns against life that are installed in the electromagnetic field of living beings, the sound goes towards higher and higher frequencies, installing more vital emotions and energetically cleaning all your field and your subtle bodies.

It is a proposal of spiritual music through improvisation and the channeling of energy that you will deeply enjoy.

It was a very special and very harmonious meeting, we thank Andrés de Alarcón for his willingness, dedication and his beautiful proposal of spiritual music. Thanks to all the beings that felt the call and were able to vibrate with the beautiful melodies and magical chords.

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