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Geotherapy or hot stone massage involves placing the stones in different parts of the body considered as energy points, the massage with hot stones is usually used with basaltic rocks, ie volcanic. These should be smooth and soft, as well as denser and darker as possible because it would contain more iron, thus retaining longer heat, which should not exceed 50 degrees.

The heat of the stones produces a dilation of blood vessels and lymphatics, which stimulates blood circulation and helps eliminate toxins. It also relaxes the muscles relieving tensions, relaxing the body and improving the state of the skin.

Receiving a massage with hot stones is a practice of relaxation and healing that can often be more effective than traditional massage techniques. There are many benefits of hot stone massage, which include the following:

  • Relief of muscular tension
  • Relief of stress and anxiety
  • Lower cancer risk
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Better sleep
  • Better Circulation
  • Better mental health