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Moxibustion Treatment

Moxibustion (or simply “moxa”), is a technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine widely used and used today, which consists of the combustion of the artemis plant (Artemisia vulgaris), highly valued for its properties both in the West and in East. The moxa is applied to the channels and acupuncture points to heat and tone them, it comes from the moxas, whose importance is such that the acupuncture concept should be translated as “needle and fire”. Moxa is the ancient travel companion of acupuncture needles.

With moxa it is possible to apply heat over a very small and precise area, La moxa heats. The feeling is pleasant, soothes the discomfort, the pains. The heat of the moxa, even being mild, penetrates the energy channels or meridians. The first thing is to eliminate its opposite, the cold. If heat is movement, cold is stagnation. An example is low back pain, both acute and chronic. With a moxa cigar we heat the skin. Gradually it penetrates to reach the contracted musculature, which stretches.

A state of chronic low back pain is accompanied, many times, by a feeling of internal cold that does not even completely shelter us. Moxa is also recognized preventive effects, as its continued use promotes the energy functions of the different organs. If we manage to feed the chi (the vital flow, according to the TCM) with the use of moxa, our entire organism will work better.

The main effect of moxibustion on the body is an increase in metabolism: it increases body temperature, blood vessels dilate, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation and increases the number of white blood cells. From the point of view of TCM moxibustion helps to disperse Cold and Humidity, opening the channels and allowing these pathogenic factors to be eliminated. It tones the Yang (that is, the body’s metabolism) and activates the Qi and the Blood. In general, it has been traditionally used to increase vitality and help prevent disease.