Centro de Relajación Yantra Armonía para el Ser.

Tai Chi Therapeutic!

Improve your life in every way with the therapeutic Ta Chi movements !!

Wednesday 7:00 pm

Place: Yantra Relaxation Center.
cll 34 # 65 – 70. Barrio Conquistadores

By: Namaste Calle, spiritual teacher.
More information at 312 756 3437.

Many years ago there was a Taoist monk (Zhang Sang Feng) watching a crane and a snake fight. The crane tried to peck it but it was impossible because of the agility of the snake that managed to dodge its attacks and hence the T’ai-Chi-Ch’uan would be born, the movements that animals make in their daily lives.

People, animals, nature have their own energy or Chi, to achieve a balance of life. When this balance is disturbed, health is weakened and diseases appear. .

-Apt for all ages
-Improves the balance
-Learn to channel your energy so that it flows appropriately for your mind, body and soul.
-Improves flexibility
-Activate the cardiovascular system
-Teach to be calm.

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