Centro de Relajación Yantra Armonía para el Ser.

The Tibetan master Geshe Yongdong was in Yantra!!

The Tibetan Master Geshe Yongdong was last September 28 at Our Relaxation Center directing a beautiful meditation to activate everything positive in our lives

In Tibetan traditions, meditation is fundamental and is taught from childhood, becoming a powerful technique and a great help in mental and spiritual emotional processes. Nowadays meditation is a powerful tool that is already practiced all over the world with wonderful results in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fields. The teacher Geshe yongdong, one of the most recognized monks of the Bon tradition of Tibet and spiritual master of the Tibetan Colombo Center, gave us a unique knowledge on the subject and allowed us to get into that process of understanding how our human mind works with powerful techniques that help us improve our lives.

We thank all the people who attended the meditation with the Tibetan teacher Geshe Yongdong and all those who were willing to receive and activate everything positive in their lives. All with their contribution and energy made this meeting of souls possible. Beautiful meeting and teachings, we only have to thank the universe for giving us the clarity and the tools to attract everything positive to our lives.

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