Centro de Relajación Yantra Armonía para el Ser.

Workshop The magic of plants!

In our Yantra Relaxation Center we are continuously carrying out plant workshops run by our allied brand Josefina Ancestral. The Magic of Plants, was a workshop to thank, performed on December 2, 2018.

The Magic of the Plants resounds in us with all its strength to thank, close cycles and start new experiences and dreams that are woven in our hearts, a ritual of internal healing, where the soul is our protagonist, where the plants are the masters and you are the light that melts that magic.

In a beautiful circle of women we talked about the meaning of rituals as healing and the energetic movement that give baths of old and new year. We make our own incense to clean and bless our spaces and the center of our heart, thus healing the memory of these living tissues. We resignified the dreams with the plants fairy that powers the dreams and we take it home. We call the elementals of plants to guide those new tissues that we decided to undertake.

We made a mixture of infusions to celebrate the arrival of the new year. A year that promises transformation because it is a year of land, where the seeds will germinate. We learned about the strength of the earth year and its influence on healing with plants.

In addition, we had a ritual to close and thank all the teachings that 2018 left in our hearts. Understanding that, when I appreciate abundance, it crosses my door.


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